A templating system has been added to version 2 of the plugin. This doc has been updated to the latest theme integration method.

Our plugin will integrate well in most themes. However, it is possible that it doesn’t fit your theme perfectly, or maybe you want to completely change the layout. This documentation will help you do this.

Templating system

Since v2.0.0, the plugin uses a templating system for:

  • Login / registration page,
  • Ticket submission page,
  • Ticket detail page

Of course the plugin comes with pre-built templates, but you can easily overwrite them.

Creating your own templates

The first thing to do is to copy the original template file from the /templates folder of the plugin into your theme’s directory. The available templates are:

  • content-tickets.php: loads the ticket content and add the before and after hooks
  • part-origin.php: contains the original ticket. This part in included in ticket-details.php.
  • part-registration-form.php: contains the login / registration form
  • part-submission-form.php: contains the ticket submission form
  • single-tickets.php: main ticket detail template loader
  • template-live-search.php: contains the live search results template
  • ticket-details.php: displays the actual ticket’s content. Customize this template if you want to change the ticket detail’s page layout
  • ticket-loader.php: load the correct template. Customize this template if you want the ticket details to be inside a specific container.
Need help to customize the ticket details template? Read our guide.

Themes compatibility

The plugin comes with custom templates for a certain number of themes. You will find the comprehensive list of themes hereafter:

Quick integration for developers

If you’re a developer and you want to quickly integrate WP Awesome Support to your theme, here is the quickest way:

  • Use your single or page template as single-tickets.php
  • Replace the_content() by wpas_get_template_part( 'content', 'ticket' );
  • Copy ticket-details.php from /awesome-support/templates into your theme’s directory and customize it

If you want this integration to be built in the plugin, get in touch with us and we’ll add in the plugin as one of the pre-build templates.