If you plan on using WP Awesome Support with a WordPress multisite network, you should know that the plugin is compatible BUT there is no network functionality. In other terms, the plugin will work on each site of your network as if it was a regular WordPress site.

Installing The Plugin

With a multisite network, you must install plugins through the network admin. Install our plugin this way but DO NOT network activate it. Otherwise, the default settings won’t be registered for every site of the network.

Activating The Plugin

Go to the site you want to use the plugin with and activate it as a regular WordPress plugin. If you want to use the plugin on more than one site of your network, you will have to individually activate the plugin on each site.

Removing The Plugin

If you want to delete the plugin from your network, again, it has to be done through the network admin. This time, when you will delete it, the plugin will loop through all your sites to clean the data on every site you might have used the plugin on.


If you have already network activated the plugin (you should have read the doc before :p), then network deactivate it and go activate it individually on the site you need it on.